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Anonymous bitched me: Could I please have a ship? I'm 5'4 I have dark brown hair with blonde tips. I am learning the guitar. I wear annoying glasses things. I am genuinely a weird person and tend to have random acts of dancing. And the only thing I've ever wanted to do in my life was singing. :D thanks


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Anonymous bitched me: Do you have a masterlist?

yep, but it’s missing a few. check /tagged/masterlist

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Anonymous bitched me: Hi can I please have a ship? My name is courtney I have long brunette hair, and green eyes. I am about 5 foot. I am an equestrian and i love to run track. I am a bit shy at first but once you get to know me i open up and I am crazy.


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liesofpies bitched me: Hiya!! Can I pretty please have a ship? My avatar is me, and I am 5'6, have red hair and blue eyes. I've been playing the full drum kit and the djembe since 2009, and I'm do show choir and plays at my school. Thank you soo much!


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Anonymous bitched me: Can you please make a pref for the song she ain't you by new hollow? Please! Xx thanks love

I just posted it, you’re very welcome!

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#45: She Ain’t You by New Hollow (Song Preference)


Requested by Anonymous
I got really creative on these, but I actually like them so….


And I hope my remedies don’t show
As I try to try to let you go
'Cause it's awkward; oh so hard to see
The similarities

You broke up with Ashton because you fell in love with someone else. You couldn’t handle being between two guys. It just wasn’t the same anymore with Ashton, so you called it. It broke your heart, but mostly his. You were able to cope. He sure wasn’t. He’d text you about how all the girls reminded him of you. You would get drunk voice mails late at night about how he missed you. He’d call you, but you wouldn’t answer. He missed you so much.


She may be pretty
She’s something new
But that means nothing
She ain’t you

Luke, you, a random guy, and a girl were double dating. You and Luke had decided to do so. There was a problem, though, you were more interested in Luke that you could ever be into the guy you had asked to go out with. The boys offered you a bed so you could spend the night at the hotel they were staying at. Because of this, Luke and you decided to go out to dinner to a restaurant close by. You sat in front of him at the table and saw him glancing at you constantly and being very distracted to what his date was telling him. The date went bad because seeing Luke with another girl hurt that much. When you got back to the hotel, you got a text message on your phone from Luke. It said “Meet me by the pool.” You directed yourself to the elevator, wondering what he could want. It lifted you up to the pool deck. Walking out of the elevator, you found yourself in a hallway. You walked towards the glass door, opening it widely and meeting with the light winds. You stepped closer to the pool and see Luke standing with a daisy in his hand. You grin widely, asking yourself “Could it be?” He smiles as he sees you, hands you the flower, and says, “I love you. Only you.” You get struck by chills all over your body. “What about your date?” you question. He shakes his head and replies, “No. She’s nothing. She isn’t you.”


It’s been awhile since I saw your face
Maybe that’s helped me move on
But I met a girl not a day too late
And of her I’m awfully fond

You two had broken up about a week ago because you had gotten into a really big fight. He never yelled at you, but that time he did. You were between sobs and so was he. It began with a simple boy that walked up to you and Michael got jealous in an instant. When you got back into the bus, the fight began. After the break up, you ran home and cried for long hours. You woke up and knew that you’d find someone else. What you didn’t know was that he’d find someone else sooner.


I find it hard not to look your way
But I get in what I can
And I find this song just a bit cliché
But I pray that you’ll understand

You had your best friends staying over that night. You were all watching a movie in your bedroom until you heard something at your window. It was an apartment building and you lived on the second floor so it was impossible for someone to try to get in through window railings. All of your friends looked right at you and your eyes widened. You heard the sound again so you stand up from the bed and walk to the window, sliding up the blinds. There he stands with a guitar in hand and a smile on his face. You laugh and open the window. “What are you doing here!” you yell. “This is really cliché, but I came to see you!” he shouts in reply before shifting his hands and begin a song so the melody of Wrapped Around Your Finger

Luke’s is my favorite tbh

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fabulushbro177-deactivated20140 bitched me: You're so awesome! Could I pretty please have a ship? Pretty please with a Calum on top? My name is Rachael. I have brown hair and eyes, tall one in my family, I have glasses, I'm 4'11" I think. I'm in middle school. I can be shy around people I don't know, but when I know you I'm loud, crazy, a pervert, nobody gets my jokes. I like 5sos, 1d, phantom of the opera, Jason walker, I hate rap music. Ugh! I don't have any hobbies, but when I'm older I want to be either a book writer, or a singer.


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If I get messages about you guys liking the fanfic, I’ll post the second chapter. If not, then I won’t post it.

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Fame (Ashton Irwin Fan Fiction)

Author’s Note:
Hi, there. Okay, well…I haven’t written a fan fiction in ages and if I don’t finish this one, please don’t get mad. I’m hoping I will, but I’m terrible with deadlines. I procrastinate way too much, and I’m also writing a book called The Written Passengers, which I’m really pumped for.
This is not an AU Fan Fiction. This is a Fan Fic where all four members are themselves, not any other type of character.
So here I introduce my Fan Fic:

Fame by Ashley Marie
It might be just a Fan Fiction, but it has Copyright. It is Copyrighted to me, Ashley Marie. All rights reserved © No part of this publication may be reproduced or republished by any means without written permission of the author. Fame is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. The only people not fictional would be the four members of the band 5 Seconds of Summer, although everything they say and their personality is entirely from the author’s imagination.
Thank you, and enjoy!

October 21, 2013

I rushed out of the apartment as quick as I could with my backpack laying heavily on my spine. My white sneakers thumped on the pavement while I made my way to the subway station near my home. Music blasted through the earbuds to a tune I knew by heart. Heartbreak Girl by 5 Seconds of Summer. The best band in this planet, to be completely honest.

"Hey there, Mrs. Running-Late-For-Everything,” April greeted me in front of the subway train. I rolled my eyes jokingly before we lead ourselves in.

I took an earbud off before responding, “Sorry about getting so late.”

"Hun, I think you’ve apologized so many times I’m used to it," she jested in return with a short laugh as the underground train took off to our stop. "What was it this time?"

"I couldn’t find my beanie," I confessed. "In my defense, the weather is getting really cold."

"Well, that’s because it’s nearly winter," she replied. April herself was wearing a beanie, red; and a scarf to match. They stood out the black and white image she had put on with a black leather jacket, jeans, boots, and polka-dotted white sweater. She made everything look good. I’m being serious, she has the perfect style. I dressed like a homeless person next to her.

I seized my earphones, clumping them into what seemed like a mess, and jammed them in one of the pockets of my jeans. “Dude, Five Seconds of Summer is rumored to come to New York.”

April rolled her blue eyes at me before stating, “Rumored doesn’t mean true.”

"But can’t you be happy for me at least once?" I taunted before laughing and making an inhuman sound, earning various strange stares from people around us.

She chuckled. “Alright, alright. Just make a deal with me, okay?”


"I’ll go with you to the Five Seconds of Summer concert if you go with me to The 1975 one," she declared with a grin.

It took me time to say, “Deal.”

Her eyes brightened up with excitement. “REALLY?!” she said loudly, gaining more stares than me.

"Yeah," I muttered as I stared at the floor.

"Yes!" she cheered.

"What are you doing for Halloween?" I asked April as we walked towards our usual lunch table.

We didn’t have much close friends besides each other so we normally sat by ourselves unless some other people like us would join like Ted, Jeremy and Jake (they’re twins), Patrick, and Simon.

"I’m not sure, I think I might stay home this year," she answered once we sat peacefully.

"No, don’t stay home. Come over to mine," I suggested. "We could go trick-or-treating with your sister."

"Kathy? No," April stammered. "She’s fifteen, why would she want to go trick-or-treating?" She began eating her sandwich while making questioning looks.

"Well, I’m sixteen and I want to go trick-or-treating," I responded, trying to convince her.

"But you’re you," she complained. I acted offended. "I don’t know, okay?"

"What’cha talking about?" Simon popped up.

"Halloween," April and I say unanimously.

"We’re throwing a party at ours," Jeremy stated as he and Jake sat down in front of us with food on their plates. The fact of them being seniors was the explanation on why they were throwing a party. It wasn’t hard to deduct.

"A costume party?" April questioned.

"Yeah," Jeremy replied.

"I’m going as Captain America," Jake commented with a wide smile of pearly whites.

"I’ll be Frankenstein’s monster!" Simon added alongside his mouth full of food.

I laughed. “That’s nice.”

"Yeah, what are you going as?" Jake asked me.

"I’m invited?"

"Of course you are," he replied with an obvious tone." So are you, April."

"Yay," April cheered in a monotone voice. "Just one problem."

"What?" Jeremy and Jake chorused.

"I don’t know what to dress as," she responded.

"Oh, what a huge problem," I mimicked before adding, "I don’t know either."

"We can’t go shopping for costumes because they’re way too expensive."

"Yeah, I know," I responded. "Wait." An idea came up to my mind as I recalled previous Halloweens spent by my neighborhood.

"What?" April asked me as everyone else stared at me, waiting for an answer.

"I have a bunch of costumes at home from past Halloweens, we could look for something," I proposed with an excited expression.

"Alright, I could leave with you that day and decide at your apartment," she added.

"Yeah, sure." I told April, and then directed myself to Jeremy and Jake, "I’ll have to ask permission."

"Oh, right, you’re sixteen," Jeremy states. "Sometimes I forget."

"Even if I was forty and still living in my apartment I’d have to ask!" I said. We laughed loudly, knowing it was completely true considering my protective parents.

"Same," April agreed with me.

My phone beeped so I took it out of my pocket. Everyone shut for a moment.

"Is it a tweet of that band, again?" Simon jokes, earning chuckles from Jake and Jeremy.

I checked my phone and indeed it was a notification of a tweet by the 5SOS account.

5SOS: morning! :) -ash

"Psh…no," I mumbled.

"It is, isn’t it?" April questioned.

"Yes," I muttered, hiding my phone in my backpack.

"Knew it," Simon stuck out his tongue. I did the same back.

"You guys going to the Halloween party?" Ted asked, sitting with us.

"Yeah, probably," April stated.

His face lit up. “Will your sister be there?” he questioned too fast. He was younger than us, just like April’s sister. That explained the question and his reaction.

"Ew, dude, stop," April responded with a face of disgust. "Stop hitting on my sister."

"I’m not," he defended.

"You are," Jake, Jeremy, and I said at the same time.

I sat in my room with my headphones planted at the sides of my face.

…She’s 17 I’ve told her I’m 20
I couldn’t take her out ‘cause Mom’s got no money
It’s stuff like this that makes me wish that I could change somehow…

If I could only meet those four guys that make me smile so much…

Author’s note:
It sucks, I know. I will be categorizing the chapters by dates so be aware of the dates. I will skip days and you’ll have to notice.

You can also read on Wattpad.

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